No Young Person Limited by Disadvantage

Welcome to Young People First

We help vulnerable young people to overcome their problems and succeed in life.

Covid-19 - Statement

When the nationwide lockdown came into effect from March 2020, all delivery at Young People First had to stop to limit the spread of Covid-19. We soon realised that this was not going away anytime soon and a new normal would emerge. Rather than wait it out, Young People First has taken proactive steps asking ourselves the question:

'How do we best support and add value to local young people in light of this global pandemic?'

This was our answer... we would work to keep vulnerable young people engaged in education. Everything we do now as an organisation is to keep young people engaged in their education. That is how we ensure no young person is limited by disadvantage.

David Skoppek - Chief Executive

Our Vision

For no young person to be limited by disadvantage.

Our Mission

To deliver activities, create opportunities and provide support to help disadvantaged young people transition to a self-assured adulthood.

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