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Black Lives Matter - Statement

Young People First Pledge to future generations




Young People First, like countless others across the world has been deeply affected by the events that followed the tragic death of George Floyd. In the wave of emotion that followed we have resisted the urge to post tokenistic statements which whilst visually satisfying offered no reassurance to our supporters and community in regard to our intention to take this very seriously. We instead took time to reflect on how we as an organisation respond and help bring about real change to ensure that young people are not limited by colour of their skin.

Young People First makes the following pledge to our young people, partners, funders and the general public.

We pledge to Learn. As a staff team, board of trustees and volunteers we seek to understand the challenges that others have faced and continue to face because of the colour of their skin.

We pledge to proactively Educate our young people in mentoring sessions, small groups and youth groups.

We pledge to Facilitate conversations around the subject of race and racism

We pledge to Challenge racist acts and ways of thinking

Each of us has a part to play and Young People First is determined to do its part and willing to work with any and all on this journey to a fairer and safer future.

Here is a link to accessible mental health support and guidance for black children and young people, staff, creators, educators, partners and their families:

Finally a link to a Guide to Allyship – An evolving open-source guide to help us all become a more thoughtful and effective ally.

Our Vision

For no young person to be limited by disadvantage.

Our Mission

To deliver activities, create opportunities and provide support to help disadvantaged young people transition to a self-assured adulthood.

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