No Young Person Limited by Disadvantage

Brunswick Mentoring and Schools Project

What is BYP?

Brunswick Mentoring and Schools project is the offer of 1:1 mentoring sessions with young people in crisis or who have an urgent need for support. We have also been able to offer small bespoke early intervention group work sessions for young people where they need additional support around positive choices, safety, mental health, risk of exclusion and a wide range of other issues.

Why do we Work?

Our project is based in the Brunswick ward, an area that is ranked in the UK’s 30% most deprived neighbourhoods. One of the indicators of disadvantage is high numbers of priority and low income families, and Brunswick ranks as one of the highest areas for this in Warwick District. Living in disadvantage can have a significant impact on a young person’s ability to better their chances of escaping the cycle of poverty in which they are caught. Our project works to support young people to overcome this barrier.

How do we Work?

Our project works very closely in partnership with schools to encourage positive engagement. At the first sign of school disengagement, we look to intervene as part of a team around the child. We discuss with the school how we can help support the young person to engage, and most importantly remain in school.

We do this by delivering a combination of 1:1 and group mentoring and lunchtime drop in sessions designed to provide intervention as early as possible. We work to reduce the likelihood of a young person experiencing crisis or urgent need with an overall aim of improving resilience and emotional wellbeing.

Where do we Work?

Various Schools in Leamington

Project lead - Katrina Weston

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We would like to thank the following funders for making this project possible:
Big Lottery Fund
National Grid
Police and Crime Commissioner