“The area has historically always suffered from underfunding, neglect and a lack of opportunities for its community” (resident and parent of young person)

Brunswick ward has the highest number of Priority Families and the second highest proportion of children in poverty in Warwick District. More than twelve years ago, we moved our main office so we could increase our support for young people living in this area of multiple deprivation.

We run the only youth provision here, with an open access youth club two evenings a week throughout the year and one-to-one mentoring programmes for those with emotional problems or who are struggling to find work. We run tailored programmes to build the confidence of young women and develop positive role models for young men. We work closely with Campion, Trinity, and Myton schools and Warwickshire County Council’s Early Help team to make sure young people facing complex problems get the support they need as early as possible.

And it works. We reach more than a quarter of the young people living in this ward. Two-thirds of young people told us they felt they could achieve what they wanted in life and more than half said they felt more confident because of our support. And even though statistics show that fewer than half of local young people achieve the national target of 5 GCSEs, we were delighted that last year every 16-year-old we were working with felt motivated and confident enough to start college.

Our programme is supported by :

National Lottery Funded
Police Commissioner