No Young Person Limited by Disadvantage


Like many other youth services, COVID19 has had a big impact on our ability to work with young people.

But here is what we are doing:


We continue to work with young people every week through these fundamental means of communication. Workers regularly ‘check in’ with our young people to make sure they are ok and see if they need any additional support.

Mentoring over the Phone

Usually carried out in schools and at our office base at Jubilee House, Lockdown has not prevented us from mentoring young people. Lasting up to an hour, youth workers offer mentoring sessions over the phone to young people who need that extra bit of help during this time.

Online Sessions

Instead of meeting in community spaces, youth workers are now inviting young people to attend digital sessions on Zoom. We provide fun activities and items for discussions which young people can enjoy from the safety of their own homes.

Detached Working

For a number of the young people we support, homes are not safe. By having youth workers be on the estate walking through at specific times could and does provide a measure of solace and support even if it is two meters apart.

As lockdown measures decrease we will gradually increase our face to face working with young people beginning with small group meetings in a socially distanced environment. We will keep you updated.